For Horse Shoeing, Horse Training and Horse Boarding San Antonio,

we accept the following forms of payment:

Cash, Personal Check, Paypal and Credit Cards.

(Please note we do not accept American Express credit cards)

Barefoot Trimming & Shoeing Service

​​Barefoot Trim - $40.00

Trim plus Half Set - $75.00

Trim plus Full Set - $120.00​​​

​Additional Services available

Booking Information

Appointments are available Monday through Friday and are scheduled

on a 6 - 8 week rotation. Call (210) 668-0668

Clients must be in attendance or have a responsible representative on hand to assist in the handling of their horses. Sedation farriery, if a requirement, must be arranged by the owner through their veterinarian or other responsible party. If it is necessary to postpone an appointment due to inclement weather, then every effort will be made to reschedule within a 7 day period. 

Horse Shoeing Horse Boarding San Antonio